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Entranceway has moved to DreamWidth.
The game can now can be found here.

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+ Activity Check Rules +

♥ If a character's journal is on the list for the first time, players have two options:
1) They can post an entry or a log before the end of the activity check and comment on the activity check post with a link.
2) They can comment on the activity check post with links to at least two threads or one log that they have actively been tagging during the two weeks prior to the start of the activity check. There must be at least fifteen comments by the character on each thread/log.

♥ If a character's journal is marked with an asterisk ( * ), that means it is on the list for the second consecutive time. These journals will be considered for purging. Players whose characters are on the list for the second time in a row need to contact one of the mods on AIM (our screennames are on entranceway's profile page) or by PMing this account (vitaelamorte).

♥ Hiatuses are a maximum of eight weeks, and as a reminder there is no such thing as an indefinite hiatus in this game. That would be silly. However, if there are any exceptional circumstances that would keep someone from posting for an extended period of time, please grab any of the moderators on AIM or PM this account and that will be taken into account for activity purposes.

♥ If you haven't, please friend this account (vitaelamorte) with all of your character journals. Journals must be mutually friended to appear on the nudge list, which is what we use as the basis for our activity checks.

♥ Activity checks run for one week from the date they are posted. On the eighth day after the activity check begins, another post will be made with a list of journals for dropped and/or purged characters.

♥ All characters that are purged by the end of the activity check are welcome to re-apply to the game if they so choose, and if they re-apply within one month, they may keep their memories. A re-app consists of the original application with new third and first person samples (unless the character is being canon updated as well, in which case alterations to the background section should be made as necessary).

♥ Please note that if there are legitimate complaints brought by other players to the mods about a character's activity, we may investigate and consider the character for purge regardless of if he or she has been on successive activity checks. These characters can be re-apped under the same conditions as a character purged during an activity check.




Frequently Asked Questions

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Taken Characters

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Wanted Characters

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F-list Updates

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Rooming List

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Hiatus Post

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Line Up the Pieces

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Bulletin Board

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Bulletin Board Archive (Part Three)

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Bulletin Board Archive (Part Two)

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Bulletin Board Archive

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